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Life Concierge Qualification


Benefits of acquiring qualifications By taking a training course and acquiring a senior life counselor certification, you will have more opportunities to utilize your knowledge and experience, and you will be able to utilize it in your work and workplace. In addition, those who have obtained the certification of advanced courses may be able to work as staff of this association. You will be in charge of consultations such as relocation to elderly housing, long-term care, medical care, moving / disposing of disused items, disposal of relics, real estate disposal, identity guarantee / guardian, will / inheritance, funeral / grave, etc. If you wish, we will also introduce elderly housing and ending-related companies. (We do not guarantee that you can get a job)

The role of the senior life counselor is to comprehensively support and solve various problems and worries that the elderly have. It is recommended for those who are working as medical care welfare personnel such as helpers and care managers, as well as for themselves and their importa

In today's super-aging society, where each of the four is 65 years old or older, the demand for senior counselors as experts to support the elderly is increasing. Since October 2014, we have been holding the "Senior Life Counselor Training Course" in order to train as many human resources as possible who can play an active role as senior life counselors as soon as possible.

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