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Everything for our customers」



"Everything for you" ​ Based on our management philosophy, we meet the needs of our customers with highly sensitive tactile technology and excellent sales force ​We will propose solutions with higher added value.

  • 独自の高い技術力でお客様に最適なソフトウェアを開発

  • h a p t i c o は、社内に独自のプログラム設計・開発セクションを設置しています。最先端の感性触覚技術を素早く取り入れるなど、高い技術力をベースに、お客様のご要望に沿ったカスタムソフトウェアの設計・開発、システム全体の設計・開発および導入や運用もサポート。ニーズに最適かつ的確なオーダーメイドの製品をご提供いたします。

  • Develop optimal software for customers with our unique high technology h a p t i c o has its own program design and development section within the company. We also support the design and development of custom software, the design and development of the entire system, and the introduction and operation based on our high technical capabilities, such as the quick adoption of the latest tactile and tactile technologies. We provide tailor-made products that are optimal and accurate for your needs.

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